By owning the seafood company and the trucking company, we sit in a unique position to offer a very competitive edge over our competitors.

Management Policy Statement

The Company's commitment to Food Safety & Food Quality.


Management’s policy statement will outline MTB (Stokes Fish/Lake Trucking Company’s) commitment to (1) supply safe food and the (2) methods that will be used to comply with (3) customer and regulatory requirements and how MT B Stokes Fish/Lake Trucking Company will (4) continually improve its food safety & food quality management system and establish and review food safety & food quality objectives
(Management Review MTB-FS-1-0045.02).

Food Safety and Food Quality objectives for Stokes Fish and Lake Trucking are to obtain a minimum ‘E-rating’ for our third-party certification audit and to process and distribute products with the highest quality standards to prevent any customer complaint. These Objectives and developed to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and our customer and consumer specifications.

The management policy will be displayed clearly in our front office area and break room and translated in the following languages: English. The management Policy will be signed by senior management. The Management Policy will be communicated to all staff by initial training, new employee orientation and yearly review.

Program Overview

Stokes Fish Company is a business established in 1931, adding Lake Trucking division in 1961. We have a long-standing commitment to supply safe, quality food that consistently pleases our customers and their expectations of high-quality standards. We achieve this by utilizing methods which comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices with the United States Food and Drugs Administration Guidelines for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and SQF Code, Edition 8.1. In addition, product specifications comply with 21 CFR Part 123 Fish and Fishery, or Holding Human Food. Furthermore, we are committed to reviewing our established food safety and food quality objectives to continually find ways to improve.

Our staff is involved in all aspects of production. They understand our policy, our commitment and our customers’ requirements. They are part of our continuous improvement team which feeds off our system reviews. Our staff is our most valuable asset. We have established a food safety and quality development team and provided them with the resources needed for the continuous improvement driven by management. The continued training and involvement of our staff is a main contributor to our success.

Ted Brozanski President / C.E.O.


Lake Trucking Company
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